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Activities guide for NDIS participants to do around Adelaide.

Participant Activities Guide

NDIS funding is a vital resource that empowers individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. Many NDIS participants can allocate a portion of their funding to boost their social and community engagement. This is one of the many domains where services like ours play a vital role! 

For us, it’s not just about providing access to enjoyable experiences; it’s about using these moments to facilitate growth and progress towards our participants’ broader NDIS goals. 

Creativ Minds believes that every activity, no matter how fun or seemingly casual, holds the potential to transform lives. Our mission is to infuse every outing and activity with opportunities to build essential life skills, foster independence, boost confidence, and create lasting memories.  

We encourage you to think creatively, to look beyond the surface of these experiences, and to recognise the invaluable teaching and learning opportunities that exist in each interaction, no matter how small they may seem. 

By doing so, we can make a profound impact on the lives of our participants, helping them not only enjoy the present but also carve out their own path towards a brighter future.

So, as you embark on these adventures with our NDIS participants, remember that your role is not limited to providing support; it’s about guiding and mentoring them toward achieving their unique goals and aspirations. 

In every activity and outing, we encourage you to think outside the box and identify valuable teaching moments and inspire our participants to seize them.  

By focusing on our participant’s NDIS goals and their specific areas of growth, we can collectively transform each experience into a stepping stone toward a more enriched and fulfilling life.

Activities Expenses 

NDIS funding is intended to remove barriers by providing the supports participants need to pursue their goals, but this doesn’t mean that it funds these goals or desired activities.  

Please note that activity costs for both the participant and their support staff are the participant’s responsibility to pay for, and unfortunately cannot be claimed from their NDIS funding as an expense. It’s also not fair for you as a staff member to personally pay to do the activities required for your job.

Participants and their carers aren’t always made aware of this when they receive their NDIS plan, so we do our best to be transparent about this when they come on board with Creativ Minds. 

At the same time, we know that not everyone has the extra funds to allocate to activities, but this doesn’t mean they have to miss out on having fun and enriching experiences in the community! 

It‘s our job to think creatively about how we can support our participants in achieving their NDIS goals,  so we’ve put together this guide to free and low-cost activities around Adelaide!

Companion Cards

Many of our participants are eligible to apply for a companion card, which is a government initiative that allows free entry for a card holder’s companion (support staff, mentor, carer, even a family member or friend) into a whole range of venues and activities.  
This means that the participant only must pay for their own entry costs (often they get a concession price), and you get in with them for free! 

Companion Card Affiliates Link
Companion Card Affiliates Link

Having a companion card really expands the options for activities, including going to the movies, bowling and plenty of other fun things around Adelaide, including special events such as concerts and plays.

Check out the list of affiliates below. Or, if there’s something you’re interested in doing, call ahead to see if they are a participating venue. 

Click Here to Download the Companion Card Affiliate List

Apply for a Companion Card
Apply for a Companion Card

Many participants and their carers aren’t aware of the companion card, so Creativ Minds includes this information in our welcome pack. It may also be a good idea to remind participants and offer assistance with the application if needed.

The application process for the companion card involves filling out the form (see the link below), providing x2 recent passport photos (can be done at the post office for a fee) and signed by a treating health professional)


Free or Low-Cost Activities in Adelaide

A small list of things that are either FREE or have a low entry cost, for you and your participant to explore and enjoy.

Community Centres and Libraries offer a wide range of interesting events, activities and programs; from arts, crafts and anime clubs to exercise classes, playgroups, social groups and skills-building workshops. Regularly check out your local community centre/library activities guides below, they are updated regularly with cool new offerings.

Drop in Care Space (City)
Disabled, Neurodivergent friendly community space with free and low cost activities including arts and crafts, body doubling sessions and dungeons and dragons sessions.

The Brocas Youth Space (West)
State Library of South Australia – events, exhibitions, workshops, talks, live stories
City of Adelaide
City of Unley
City of Marion
City of Onkaparinga
City of Port Adelaide Enfield
City of Charles Sturt
City of Tea Tree Gully
City of Campbelltown
City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters 
City of Norwood, Youth Events & Activities
City of Prospect 
City of Salisbury 

Art Gallery of South Australia
First Friday night of each month the gallery is open late for events including talks, live music and tours. The gallery also offers school holiday workshops and various other creator/artist talks and events.

Samstag Museum of Art
Carclew Arts – events & exhibitions 
The Mill Adelaide – events, exhibitions & workshops
Jam Factory – demonstrations, exhibitions, talks
The Main Gallery 
ACE Open (Lion Arts Centre) 
Pom Pom Youth Arts Hub (Northern Suburbs)

Spending time in nature is beneficial for our well-being in many ways; providing a perfect opportunity for mindfulness, physical exercise, and exposure to fresh air and vitamin D – essential components for maintaining our mental health.

Nature walks allow us to connect with the natural environment and immerse ourselves in our surroundings. You could go on a mindfulness walk and pick wildflowers and plants while appreciating the intricate and often overlooked details of your surroundings. Perhaps prepare a picnic and find a serene spot to enjoy it or pack art and craft supplies and find a peaceful area to sit and draw or paint the natural scenery.

For those seeking a more challenging adventure, consider stepping it up a notch with a hike or trail exploration. An added bonus is that these open settings foster great conversations with our participants, providing a platform for more indirect mentoring and connection.

Adelaide Street Art Walking Trails
A place to walk and get in touch with Adelaide’s finest street art

National Parks SA
A guide to South Australia’s parks and wildlife, including accessibility information.

Wirrarninthi Environmental Education Trail – Western Parklands 
Himeji Garden (Japanese Garden)
Botanic Garden
International Rose Garden (Spring, Summer)
Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
Morialta Conservation Park/Morialta Falls
Waterfall Gully
Gorge Wildlife Park
Cleland Wildlife Park/Waterfall Gully
Bunyip Children’s Trail Bonython Park
St Kilda Adventure Playground
Wittunga Botanic garden
Laratinga Wetlands
Myponga Reservoir
Happy Valley Reservoir
Kuitpo Forest
Onkaparinga National Park/Wetlands
Belair National Park
Port Adelaide Dolphin Trail/Garden Island
River Torrens Linear Park Trail 

Skate Parks/Basketball Courts
look for opportunities to connect participants to other similar-aged locals, perhaps: offering for others to share the court or join you in a basketball game etc

Hiring free bikes from West Lakes or Semaphore library and going on a coastal ride  
If doing this with our youth participants please ensure carer permission has been given first, and ensure the participant has road safety awareness, if not, this could be something to teach them beforehand. If in doubt, speak to your team leader!

Other Walking Tours

St Peter’s Cathedral
Haigh’s Chocolate Factory Tours
Melba’s Chocolate Factory

If one of these festivals or events is of interest to the participant, together you can research and explore free or low-cost activities to do in your time together. If something falls outside of your shift time, perhaps you can help them prepare or make a plan to access the activity independently or with someone else close to them!

January – Tour Down Under
February – Fringe Festival
March – Adelaide Writer’s Week, Adelaide Festival (performing arts)
April – Tasting Australia
May – SA History Festival
June – Adelaide Cabaret Festival
July – Naidoc Week, Illuminate Adelaide, Anime & Video Games Convention (AvCon), Guitar Festival
August – South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA)
September – Papercuts Comics Festival
October – OzAsia, Wellfest, Tarnanthi Festival, Nature Festival, Adelaide Film Festival, ADL Fashion Week
November – Supanova (Comic Con & Gaming), Feast Queer Arts and Cultural Festival
December TBC

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