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Creativ Minds Staff Profile

Hi, I’m Tasha!

Disability Mentor & Support Worker

Hi, my name is Tasha and I love anything to do with music and the outdoors, especially the beach. I am pretty active and often found in the gym. I think that, in general, I am pretty calm and easy going.

What is important to me?

I play the piano and the guitar, I love reading, I enjoy horse riding and liberty when I get the chance and I spend a lot of time in the gym!

On weekends I often see friends, spend time with family, go to the gym or for a hike and when I can, I ride horses on the beach with a family friend.

I have a deep love for music and play the guitar and piano, I horse ride, and I love reading (usually with my cat curled up on me!)

Interesting Fact About Me

I have travelled to around 19 different countries so far!

Hobbies & Interests

Being at the Beach
Hiking & Outdoors
Listening to Music
Playing Piano & Guitar
Horse Riding

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