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Creativ Minds Staff Profile

Hi, I’m Nguyen!

Disability Mentor & Support Worker

My name is Nguyen. I’d characterize myself as introverted, thriving in more intimate settings. Some of my passions include photography, going to the gym and listening to music. I particularly enjoy Hip-Hop and Metal core music genres.

What is important to me?

My family and friends are incredibly important to me; I couldn’t imagine life without them. They’re there to cheer me on during successes, support me through challenges, and offer guidance when I’m uncertain. Their love, empathy, and the feeling of belonging they provide make life’s journey much less lonely and more fulfilling.

I’ve been practicing photography for over 10 years. Currently, I focus on capturing moments from my life, often photographing my friends and family.

On a regular weekend, you can find me enjoying morning coffee with the Morning Jazz Spotify playlist, paying a visit to my parents, and socializing with my friends.

I’ve recently taken up playing the guitar, which I find quite fascinating. Growing up, I always dreamed about being part of a band, and now I’m finally pursuing that passion.

Hobbies & Interests

Playing Guitar
Listening to Music
Reading Books
Going to the Gym

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