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Creativ Minds Staff Profile

Hi, I’m Lily!

Disability Mentor & Support Worker

My name is Lily who goes by the motto “live life to the fullest”. Living life to the fullest for me means doing things that excite you, that you are passionate about and things that put a smile on your face. This also means helping others to live life to their fullest! I am half Ethiopian and half Australian and I the eldest of five kids. I love a good balance of being organised and going with the flow and love to laugh and learn! I love to be real, empathetic, friendly, and encouraging!

What is important to me?

Those who are closest to me are the people who tell me what I need to hear, whether I like it or not. They love me for who I am and are always there to support me, this is what true family and friends mean to me.

I am passionate about helping people. I love people, and my favourite way to support and uplift people is to encourage, motivate, and empower others. I love helping people identify their strengths, goals, and passions in life and I love to be the friend that they need, meeting them where they are at.

I like to spend my weekends in numerous ways. Sometimes I like a chill weekend staying inside watching a movie and eating snacks, sometimes I like to get out and be active by going to an activity, the gym, or nature- and sometimes I love a packed weekend with adrenaline rushing activities, shopping, leisure activities, food, and fun!

I love to go to the gym, I love to listen to music- especially rnb and throwbacks from the 60s! I love to play pool and ball game activities. I love memory games, board games, and card games. I love driving and road trips. I love to travel interstate. I love eating foods- especially desserts and smoothies and spicy chicken sushi. I love to do active things like going on hikes/walks. I love to help people with their homework and I love to make lists and help others organise their life. I love to put outfits together. I love to watch comedy action movies and have pamper days. I also love to watch movies based on true stories!

Interesting Fact About Me

I’m not afraid of trying new things, I love to get out of my comfort zone and learn something new!

Hobbies & Interests

Going to the Gym
Listening to Music
Playing Ball Games
Going for Walks & Hikes
Cooking and everything food
Watching Movies
Helping others organise and prioritise
Tutoring and Helping with Homework/Studies
Going on Road Trips

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